Saving cost on AWS with reserved instance

It is no news that cloud computing is now the next big thing for every business that wants to grow exorbitantly while saving cost and increase performance.

There are a lot of benefit from adopting cloud computing model with the major ones been reduced cost of operation and maintenance, high performance, security and redundancy. In essence you only pay for computing resources, setup your services and every other thing will be taken care of for you.

Working from Home: The Essential tools needed to setup your team’s remote working

As COVID-19 came out of the blue, there is more need for employees to work remotely. As easy as it may seem, lots of companies are still facing challenges with setting up their team of workers to work remotely. At GrowSyn,  we’re a team of over 50 remote employees, and we’ve experimented various applications and strategies to work remotely and were able to figure out what works best when working remotely.