Digital Transformation

Our cognitive digital transformation approach, which is considered to be one of the finest, advanced your business growth exorbitantly. It’s tailored to help your business reduce cost and risk while increasing productivity and ultimately Return on Investment (ROI). We drive your ideas digitally..

Cognitive Business Operations

Cloud Deployment & Migration

Whether you are shifting to the cloud completely or still maintaining an hybrid ecosystem with your existing local environment, we help you to draw out Infrastructural plan, costing and implement your migration seamlessly without downtime or data loss.

Cloud Deployment and Migration

Data Lakes & Analytics

Setting up and managing data lakes involves a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks such as loading, transforming, securing, and auditing access to data. With our Lake Formation, we automate many of those manual which reduces build time from months to days.

Data Lakes & Analytics

Cloud Hosting & Web Services

Growsyn prides itself for providing best value domain and hosting infrastructure for website services. Websites hosted with us are proven to be 20x faster with our Litespeed Technology. We provide you with unlimited secured e-mails for employee collaboration.

Hosting and Domain Services

Solutions Provider


We are an innovation company looking to change the native way businesses run. Our goal is to deliver solutions that your business requires for exorbitant growth using one of the finest business cognitive approaches. Our process is lean computing to help your business reduce overhead and increased revenue. We are agile in projects and let you only have the desired results.


What we bring to you


Highly experienced industry experts assigned to work on your project to help deliver the best results within the shortest period of time.
Highly efficient and easy to work with, your experience is always great.

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Quality talent is what you get. Do not expect something less. Talents from African continent to help your business with a quick turnaround

Might be wondering if this is true?

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Saving your employees stress and additional work with our Artificial Intelligence Formations can help increase your company’s productivity and ROI by atleast 25%. These are the same models embraced in IBM and Microsoft

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    Anthony JimmyCloud Infrastructure Migration

    The Engineers quickly understood our cloud migration requirement and went straight in getting it accomplished. It was a great experience...

    Adenike OlakunleDigital Strategy

    I love the new design on my website done by this team, affordable, comfortable and I like the way they answer my questions and cleared my doubts. Will recommend to a friend!!!

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